Camera and GPS Detector
Camera and GPS Detector
Camera and GPS Detector
Camera and GPS Detector
Camera and GPS Detector
Camera and GPS Detector

    Camera and GPS Detector


      Nowadays, hidden cameras are used more than ever in Appartements, hotels, motels, etc. this gives a feeling of insecurity and discomfort whenever you try to rent or take a vacation away from stress you end up stressing over hidden cameras and creeps. the best solution to end your worry is our smart camera detector. it is effective, small, portable, and simple to use.

      Multifunctional Anti Detector Camera | 100% Brand New High Quality
      This product is directionally developed with high proprieties. Adopting a more advanced digital receiving mode makes the detection frequency domain wider and greatly improves the anti-interference ability and sensitivity to protect personal privacy better. It is designed to locate any transmission devices that are within 35 to 40 feet of your location.
      Such as hidden wireless cameras, digital audio recorders, wiretaps, Bluetooth, GSM dictograph and stealth headset, and mobile network connecting devices. This product is easy to operate and portable and protects your privacy and business secrets to the maximum extent.
      The detector uses a high-speed security chip, which provides high computation speed and security protection. It equips the detector with a strong mind.
      It's fully automatic detection, scan surrounding as far as possible. It's easy to use. ( Frequency range: 1 MHz – 8000 MHz , Detection range: > 73 dB ).
      Intelligent analysis implants in the detector, which provides a smart mind. Key algorithms included. ( Signal analysis algorithm - nothing miss, Anti-jamming algorithm - work stable, Processing algorithm - analyze more ).
      High sensitive misses less suspicious signals. It's from our advanced craft and system design. (Detection sensitivity: < 0.03 mV (main band), Range: 1.2G:15 square meters(standard 10mw))
      The scanner alerts you with indicator light, vibration or beep when the suspicious RF wireless signal or magnetic field signal is detected. You can select the proper alarm as the case.

      Lithium polymer batteries are included. One charge offers you about 4-5 hours continuous working time, up to 5 days standby time. It protects you longer to meet your requirements. 

      Product Specifications : 

      Colour: Black
      Battery capacity: 1000mAh
      Item type: Signal detector
      Frequency range: 1MHZ-8000MHZ.
      Material: plastic
      Wireless detecting range: 1MHz to 6.5GHz
      LED lens detector: up to 70000MCD bright
      Antenna length: approx 8cm / 3.1in
      Charge: 5-6VDC
      Product size: 117*56*20mm

      Package Includes : 

      1 set of wireless signal detector