Cat drinking fountain
Cat drinking fountain
Cat drinking fountain

    Cat drinking fountain

      Handy and easy to use, this cat water fountain is all you need to ensure that your cat will have enough clean water to drink whenever they want to. Your pets will never get dehydrated when you have this water dispenser around. 
      There is no time to wait! Always make sure that the water your cats are drinking is clean and fresh. Now you won’t have to worry about them drinking from dirty tap water when you have an easy to use dispenser right where you need them! Click on the “Add to Cart” button now and take home this amazing product!

      UpSlurp™ - Automatic Water Fountain for Pets (2.4L/82oz) – Urelas

      Product specifications :

      Material: Stainless
      Min Output: 50g
      Voltage: 110-240V
      Is Smart Device: NO
      Type: Dogs
      Power Source: CHARGE
      Volume: 2.4L