Electric Knife Sharpener For Kitchen

Electric Knife Sharpener For Kitchen


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Do your kitchen or utility knives seem to have lost their edge lately? Bring your knives back to life with ourKnife Sharpener! Restore your straight-edge knives and keep them honed for precise cutting.
Electric Knife Sharpener is designed to easily sharpen all your kitchen, butcher, hunting and serrated knives. Special elastometric springs hold knives securely against precision guides for accurate control of sharpening angles.
  • USB current : 5V 2A
  • Size: 23.5*9*6.5
  • color: White
  • Material: Plastic

Slicing tomatoes with a really sharp knife | by Nikolas Klein | Medium

How to replace the grinding wheel ?

1. Use a screwdriver to gently tilt the housing 2. Gently remove the shell 3. Remove the old grinding wheel and replace it with a replacement wheel 4. Just install the shell

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