Electric Lip Plumper

Electric Lip Plumper


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Electronic Silicone Lip Plumper! A simple method of giving you more kissable plump lips!

Painless and Non-Invasive. The lip plumper relies on vacuum suction to reshape the lips. No injections, no harmful chemicals. The safe application of the vacuum pressure simply boosts the expansion of capillary tubes in the lips.

Ergonomic Comfort. The lip plumper is engineered according to ergonomic design principles. The structure is shaped to conform to the lips in order to minimize bruising and injury.


  • Product Name: USB Charging Lip Enrichment Instrument
  • Silicone sleeve hardness: 70 degrees
  • Production material: handle ABS + lamp post PC + food grade silicone
  • Battery voltage: 3.7V polymer battery
  • Battery capacity: 250mAh lithium battery
  • Working current: no load 0.26A soil 0.02A
  • Battery charging time: about 40 minutes
  • Single product gross weight (including packaging): 251g
  • Single product net weight: 136g
  • Machine size: 18x5.6x5cm (maximum diameter)

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