Kids Wooden Wagon
Kids Wooden Wagon
Kids Wooden Wagon
Kids Wooden Wagon

    Kids Wooden Wagon


      Description : 

      Do you need a kids wagon to make playtime with your kids fun and entertaining? Our baby wagon was designed to let your kids enjoy a fun ride while keeping them safe at the same time.

      The beautiful traditional kids wagon made of durable steel and wood, perfect for playtime, transporting little ones or taking on family outings and picnics. Made with a rugged steel base, the toddler wagon is sturdy enough to carry kids with a total weight of up to 330 pounds. It also comes with four smooth-rolling wheels, helping give you an easier time when pulling the kids as they sit on the childrens' wagon. The handle is long enough to be used comfortably by adults and children alike and has a no pinch design.

      Equipped with a removable wooden side panel, the kids wagon gives your kids an extra barrier when riding around. This way, you can prevent your kids from falling off of the baby wagon when you're too busy watching your step.

      Most importantly, the children's wagon can carry other things like luggage and tools and transport them to other areas of your home. Bring out the kids red wagon anytime your kids want to play or when you need a little assistance in moving things around !


      HIGH-QUALITY - Built with high-quality steel material, the kids wagon easily carries heavy loads of things with extreme ease. It has a maximum capacity of up to 330 pounds and still has the ability to roll while at its full capacity.

      EASY STORAGE - Packing the baby wagon away can be done in minutes by folding the handle into its base. This way, the toddler wagon won't get in your way or take up space that's meant for the storage of your other home items.

      VERSATILE - Equipped with big rugged wheels, the children's wagon can roll around in any type of terrain. You can freely pull your kids on any trail without having to exert great force, making it a fun and relaxing time for everyone!

      Product Specifications : 

      • Color: Red
      • Material: Steel + wood
      • Overall dimensions: 39.37x 19.3 x 20.28in (L x W x H)
      • Size of the wheel: 3.5 x 10in(W x H)
      • Handle length: 24.8inch
      • Weight capacity: 330 lbs.