LED Cat Laser Chaser

LED Cat Laser Chaser


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Entertaining cats while we are busy is a challenge
Now with this automatic LED cat laser chaser
just place it on a desk, table, piano, or a chair,
and keep your cat exercising and healthy!

Cat Laser Chaser [Video] [Video] | Cat laser, Cat exercise, Cat supplies



  • Silent motor beams Industrial Grade LED light around the room!

  • Automatically creates a game cats love to chase the laser beam

  • Automatically runs for 15 minutes every 3 hours cycle

  • Dual Chase Game Modes: Automatic mode and Manual mode

  • 5 angles to adjust the movement trajectory of different sizes

  • Dual power supply battery or USB



  • 5 Circling Ranges
  • Size: Medium
  • Can be powered by 4 AA batteries or USB Power Supply
  • Project on Any Surface
  • 360 Degrees
  • Colours: White, Black, Red

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