Professional UV Nail Dryer - LPTRI
Professional UV Nail Dryer - LPTRI
Professional UV Nail Dryer - LPTRI

    Professional UV Nail Dryer


      Cure Your Polished Nails Without The Long Wait 

      Pampering your nails can be quite an awesome treat, but the overly sluggish curing time can get in the way of your daily tasks.

      Professional UV LED Nail Lamp is a salon-grade nail dryer that provides the absolute fastest and easiest way to cure your nails. It works on any type of coat including basic polish, gel, shellac, acrylic, and more. It's incredibly compact size lets you set it up anywhere with ease.

      Enjoy a classy and long-lasting coat in the comfort of your own home without the hefty salon fee!

      ✔️ The Most Advanced UV LED Nail Lamp Yet

      Unlike common alternatives that are widely available in the market today, our solution makes use of advanced optical wavelengths (86W) that don't emit radiation and is proven to be both skin and eye-friendly. This translates to a safer, better, and up to a 10x faster nail drying experience. 

      It can cure basic polish, gel, shellac, acrylic, and more.

      ✔️ Quick And Easy Nail Drying

      A hairdryer? A fan? Cold water? Say goodbye to the weird lengthy drying methods. Enjoy your newly done nails without being "hand-restrained."

      ✔️ Automatic Motion Sensing Technology

      Be in control as you pamper-dry your nails. it comes with an embedded smart motion-sensing technology that allows it to run only when your hands or feet are present.

      ✔️ Timer Setting For Convenience

      Want to make sure your nails only cure for a specific duration? STAG™ has you covered with preset time controls. (10s, 30s, 60s, 99s)

      Get the job done quickly and ensure that your nails don't overheat.

      ✔️ Zero Risk Of Mess And Smudge

      UV Nail dries your nails without any risks of smudging your nails and messy endings. Enjoy fabulous results and reap compliments from both your friends and family. 

      ✔️ Compact And Portable

      Take it with you and set it up anywhere you go without heft and clutter. 

      Size And Measurement Chart:

      Product Specifications:

      • Size: 175*145*85mm
      • Voltage: 110-240V
      • Weight:  200g
      • Material: ABS Plastic
      • Power: 88W
      • Color: Pearl White
      • Preset Timers: 10s, 30s, 60s, 99s  

      Package Includes:

      • 1 x UV LED Nail Lamp 
      • 1 x Power Adapter
      • 1 x Instruction Manual