Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner - LPTRI
Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner - LPTRI

    Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner


      • Automatic vacuum cleaner that helps keep your home nice and tidy.
      • Cleans, sweeps and dusts hardwood, linoleum, tile and carpeted floors with a dual spinning side brush.
      • Low-profile design allows it to slide underneath furniture for those hard-to-reach places.
      • Features anti-fall stair sensors and protective bumper housing to not cause any damage.
      • Includes a built-in rechargeable battery and power adapter to easy charging.
      • Ideal Household Robot Vacuum Cleaner

        Strong Suction With Two Suction Modes

        Two gear shift suction well applied for different surfaces.

        Multiple cleaning modes helps the robot to work better with different situation.

        Free-tangle&easy maintenance with hairs including pet hair cleaning.

        Zig-Zag Mode

        Complete your clean in half the time with smart zig-zag mode cleanning

        V10 robot uses drop-sensing technology to avoid falling down stairs and off of ledges.

        V10 automatically returns to the charging base when power is low, ensuring it’s always charged and ready to vacuum.

        Compatible with multiple surfaces

        Slim Design Only 3.5"

        Endurance Cleaning

        V10 cleans up to 120 mins* per charge, so you get to enjoy a completely clean home from a single charge.

        Product Specifications : 

        • Voltage (V): 19V
        • Dust Box Capacity (L): 0.6-1 L
        • Battery Life: 1 hour and 30 minutes
        • Remote Control: Yes
        • Power (W): 22w