Wireless Vacuum Cleaner For Car & Home - LPTRI
Wireless Vacuum Cleaner For Car & Home - LPTRI
Wireless Vacuum Cleaner For Car & Home - LPTRI
Wireless Vacuum Cleaner For Car & Home - LPTRI

    Wireless Vacuum Cleaner For Car & Home


      Product Description :

      • Multifunctional Wireless Vacuum With USB Charger is an on-the-go cleaning tool. It is in fact, lightweight, super convenient in size, and wireless design. It is compact enough to store, clean, and charge in your car or office as it uses a USB charger. Not only that, but it is also mini portable & handheld, which is very easy to use anywhere, anytime!
      • Combined with 6Kpa maximum suction and 120W high power, this cleaner enables to clean off the hard-to-reach area especially the invisible dirt, like pet hair in the carpet, scrap on the sofa, dust on the office keyboard! Moreover, the simple dust cleaning design makes it easier to use. Avoid secondary pollution that garbage falling on your hands and floor.

      Multifunctional Wireless Vacuum With USB Charger features:

      – Charging is convenient and versatile with the standard charger and included USB charging cable
      – Cordless design, more convenient to use & carry
      – The USB charging port can be reused long-term
      – Equipped with a high-performance motor with a suction force of 6000pa
      – Weight: 500G
      – Voltage: 12V
      – Power: 120W
      – Suction: 6000PA
      – Material: ABS
      – Battery capacity: 4000m A (2 sets of 2000 mAh lithium-ion batteries)
      – Upgrade blades of 120W high power motor
      – Light, convenient, cordless, and wireless design
      – Strong driving force
      – Metal fan blade
      – Fast charging under 3 hours
      – A compact, cordless portable vacuum cleaner that can meet various needs
      – Higher density than conventional filters with HEPA filter and filtration system

      Package includes:

      1 x Multifunctional Wireless Vacuum With USB Charger
      1 x Brush
      1 x Auxiliary Connector
      1 x USB Charging Cable
      1 x Vacuum Nozzle
      1 x Instructions Manual


      1. Please charge the vacuum for 3-4 hours before you use it
      2. If the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is weak or cannot be started, it means it is time to charge
      3. The mini vacuum cleaner should be cleaned in time when there is full of dirt on the filter, highly recommend cleaning the vacuum cleaner filter at least once a month
      4. The cordless vacuum can’t be touch by liquid
      5. This product is not waterproof! Do not breathe in water or damp dust.
      6. Do not use to absorb construction waste or heavy metal dust
      7. There may be slight size deviations (1-3CM) due to manual measurement, different measuring methods, and tools
      8. The picture may not reflect the actual color of the item because of different photographing light, angle, and display monitor.